Develop the Write Attitude - A Week/End Workshop for Scriptwriters - SABC Auckland Park

Scriptwriters who would like to develop their craft and write for a visual medium are invited to develop the write attitude with The Writing Studio's weekend workshop at the SABC in Auckland Park on December 10, 11 and 12.


Hosted by the SABC, this motivational and inspirational outcome-based workshop follows in the tradition of workshop presented by the studio the past seven years throughout South Africa.  It explores  the writing process and examines the world of contemporary filmmaking and films.

The weekend workshop will empower aspirant writers to write the screenplay of their dreams, as well as write for television or the stage.

On Friday, December 10 from 6pm to 9pm, 'The Writer's Voice' offers writers the opportunity to find out who they are as writers, what medium their talent is suitable for, and what it takes to be a writer.  The writers will look at time management and discipline, exercising choice and responsibility, finding motivation and being passionate about writing, and look at the difference between the writing process and the film process. They will also learn how to visualise their thoughts and explore the language and visual dynamics of films, and how to evaluate film.

On Saturday, December 11, from 10am until 5pm,  the workshop focuses on writing an original screenplay, tools of the trade,  knowing who to write for, writing effectively, exploring ideas, dramatising the idea, writing high concept and pitching ideas,  how to adapt from one medium to another, and the basic of copyright.

The session on Sunday, December 12, from 10am until 5pm,  looks at how to bring characters to life, writing character biographies, elements and visual dynamics of character, writing dialogue, the relationship between structure and character, how to structure the screenplay, designing scenes and sequences, formatting the script, and how to sell yourself as a writer.

The trainer is local writer, playwright, movie journalist and Education, Training and Development Practitioner Daniel Dercksen, whose screenplay for Tjommies, is in competition at the Writers Forum at the Sithengi Film and TV Market - Tjommies is one of five screenplays that was selected out of 65 scripts and was sent to UK producers/ filmmakers Jonathan Rawlinson and Simon von der Borgh, and is in development.  Daniel Dercksen has been teaching workshops in scriptwriting and creative writing throughout South Africa the past seven years, as well as evening courses at City Varsity Film, TV and Multimedia School in Cape Town.

For more information contact 021 4255355 or 072 474 1079, email or visit the website:

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