FilmAfrik is looking for African nature films to distribute in Mozambique

FilmAfrik is an a film distribution project aimed at delivering original, locally relevant content throughout Mozambique. Our approach is to prepare VHS tapes and distibute them through the existing video canteen network.


For the vast majority of Mozambicans these canteens or informal cinemas represent one of the few opportunities they have to view images of the world around them. So far, we have successfully distributed two feature-length videos (The Water War by Mozambican director Licínio Azevedo and the Zimbabwean production Yellow Card) to over 750 video canteens throughout the country. This month we will launch another Licínio Azevedo film, As Pitas, as the third title.

As a follow-up to these increasingly successful releases, FilmAfrik plans to license and distribute a series of nature films that focus on the wildlife and environment of Mozambique. Many Mozambicans live in close proximity to animals and natural phenomena but come to view them as threats and dangers rather than natural resources that are unique to our part of the world. These films have enjoyed success in foreign markets and perhaps limited distribution in Maputo through DSTV but they have not been shown to the larger Mozambican public. Feedback from various mobile cinema projects in recent years gives us full confidence in the audience interest in these types of films.

As a first step, we are seeking names and contact information of filmmakers and production companies that have shot high-quality nature documentaries in Mozambique (or other southern African countries which share the same landscape and wildlife). Obviously we would prefer Portuguese language masters but we are also willing to undertake any necessary translation.

We are particularly interested in films that follow a dramatic storyline, such as from mating to birth to raising to reaching adulthood, rather than a scientific documentary. And we're most interested in the following animals:

  • Elephants
  • Lions
  • Snakes
  • Crocs
  • Sharks, dolphins, whales or river fish

Please contact me directly with any leads.

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